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Storm Bennett | Six-Time Telly Award-Winning Digital Marketing CEO

Storm Bennett is a CEO on a mission to make you become a CEO! He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in creating their dream business online that generates consistent, reliable income and enables them to live life on their terms.

Look, it’s possible He started from nothing (literally) and completely changed his and his family’s lives through an online business.

Storm has cultivated entrepreneurial fame behind the scenes as the CEO of Killerspots Agency, where his clients receive a full-service offering of marketing solutions, such as digital marketing, radio ads, jingles, voiceovers, video production, SEO, and more. He’s got everything his clients and students need to trigger exponential and trackable growth for their small businesses.

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SEO Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Utilizing the right SEO strategies for affiliate marketing is key to increasing your visibility, reach, and traffic to your affiliate links. This list of SEO Strategies for Affiliate Marketing will help increase your visibility.


5 Types of Affiliate Marketing Content

There are several different types of blog articles you can write for affiliate marketing products. This list is an introductory guide to the most common types of affiliate marketing content.


Affiliate Marketing on TikTok – 3 Steps to Master the Platform

TikTok is a versatile video-sharing platform that has a strong presence in the business sphere. With a little bit of creativity and some strategic use of the app’s algorithm, it can be a great platform to use for affiliate marketing.


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